A Barn Dance Repertoire
by Thomas Green
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Silly Threesome

Author:  Kenneth & Sibyl Clark
Formation: Big circle, fun. Competitive mixer
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English
For big circle in threesomes, man + 2 women, plus a few spare men.  All the 3s in a circle, facing anticlockwise.  Spare men hover in middle until B2 when they join the competition.

A1: All take hands, forward in threes 8 steps.
A2: Men elbow-turn right twice with right woman, left twice with left-hand woman.  (Caller can choose any figure here.)
B1: Forward in 3s again.
B2: Woman make stationary arches; man tunnel under (spare men can join in or wait in the middle).
B2 repeats until music stops suddenly, then man compete for partners and form new lines of 3.

You can ring the changes on A2: do-si-do right shoulder, do-si-do left shoulder; circle left in 3s for 8 steps then circle right; reel of 3, etc.

The video clip shows a slightly different version.

Music:  32 bar but with stops - Agree with band how to stop