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Julia's Frolics

Formation: Longways, fun-style mixer.
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: All make a two-handed arch and, keeping the arches up, the lines take four sideways steps up then four steps down.  Repeat.
A2: Drop the arches.  Right hand turn partner; left-hand turn partner.
B1: Clap with partner: together together right right, together together left left; together together both both; in front, behind, in front, behind partner.
B2: All swing then step one place left (opposite direction from partner!).  This leaves a spare man at the top and a spare woman at the bottom.  During A1 they burrow through the arches and when they meet they pop up and rejoin the dance.

One of those dances that's fun for a while then gets boring - you have to judge when to stop.  Good with a crowd that know each other well enough to fool around.

Music:  32-bar jigs or reels, not too fast
Thumbnail:  Arches go left and right while people burrow; turn partner, clapping, swing, step 1 place left, spare people burrow.