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I want to be near you

Formation: Square
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

The first couple separate, go out around the ring/track.
You pass your partner going out; you pass her coming in/back.
Do-si-do your corner.  Promenade your own.  Sing:
I want to be near you; you're the one, the one for me.
I want to be near you; you're the one for me.

Colin says   I haven't put in A's and B's because it's a singing square.  First couple separate, second, third, fourth, one and three you separate, two and four you separate, everybody separate!

I was very surprised to discover that the tune is a 17th century French song called "Aupr├Ęs de ma blonde" - see the link.

Music:  7 x Own tune
Thumbnail:  Separate, round outside, do-si-do corner, promenade partner.