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Dashing White Sergeant

Formation: Sicilian circle, 3 facing 3
Difficulty:  2 (or 1)
Style:  English

A1: Circle left in sixes then right.
A2: Man turns right to face RH woman, both balance (or do Scottish setting step) then turn with right hand; then man turns to face LH woman and repeat.
B1: Reel of 3, start with man giving left shoulder to RH woman.  End when man gets back to place second time.  (Don't rush or there'll be too much music.)
B2: Forward 2 steps, stamp 3 times; back 2 steps, clap 3 times.  Anticlockwise trios arch, others pass through.

You can simplify B1 by having the man dance round the women turning them alternately.  Without the reel, difficulty would only be 1.

I find this dance a bit repetitive, and like to suggest that the person in the middle changes places with one of the outside people from time to time

Music:  Own tune or
Thumbnail:  Circles, turns, reels, forward and back and on.