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Sheldon Lions' Jig

Author:  Ray Cope ("Moose")
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, longways.
Difficulty:  3
Style:  English

A1: Lines forward and back.  Ladies arch, all do-si-do partner.
A2: Lines forward and back.  Men arch, all do-si-do partner.
B1: Top two ladies arch, bottoms join up in horseshoe, top man thread the needle.
B2: Top two men arch, top lady thread the needle.
C1: Top couple lead to the bottom and make an arch, others cast, meet partner and lead up through the arch.
C2: All swing partner.

Colin says   In the B part, if you're quick the arch can move the opposite way to the thread, and you get to thread two needles, though the top person won't have time to turn under.

Music:  4 x 48 bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Forward and back, do-si-do, thread the needle, lead to the bottom, cast, up through arch, swing.