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Borrowdale Exchange

Formation: Set dance, 3 couples, circle, scatter mixer.
Difficulty:  1.
Style:  English

A1: All circle L and R.
A2: Into the middle and back; do-si-do partner.
B1: Right-hand star holding hands with person opposite and with nobody else, then undo the star: the woman whose hand is lowest goes under (others arch), then the next.  Keep hold of the hands.
B2: Promenade around and make new sets.
Any couple that gets left out in B2, go to middle and wait to be joined.

The person I got this dance from said its real name was something else, but he liked calling it Borrowdale Exchange.  Seems to be a variant on Kentucky Reel.

Jimmy Smith says the link shows a different dance with the same name and feel.

Thumbnail:  Circles, in and out, do-si-do, star, undo with new partner, scatter.