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Peggy's Parade

Also known as  Grandfather's Clock
Author:  Peggy Hazell: Country Capers, 1979
Formation: Square, mixer
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Heads do-si-do their opposite, then promenade opposite through nearest side couple, wheel left to man's place.
A2: Head women dance ladies chain (over and back).
B1 & B2: Sides do likewise.
C1: Women do RH star holding partner's hand (star promenade) for 4 bars, going once round.  Then leave that man in his place and carry on round the star for 3 places to a new partner.
C2: Balance and swing with this new partner.

Colin says   I believe Peggy wrote it to 4 x 48 bar reels, but someone has renamed it "Grandfather's Clock" and set it to this tune.

Music:  Own tune
Thumbnail:  Heads do-si-do and cast; ladies chain.  Sides ditto.  W do star promenade, drop partner, star on 3 places, balance and swing new partner.