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Maggie Mixer

Author:  Nibs and Jean Matthews
Formation: Big circle, couples facing anti-clockwise, men on the inside, mixer
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Holding inside hands go forward 8 steps; take ballroom hold and chassé 2 steps on, then 2 back.
A2: Turn and walk back 8 steps (now clockwise); chassé 2 steps on, then 2 back.
B1: Counter-marching.  ALL TURN LEFT and march 8 steps in the direction you're facing.  (Men and women will be going opposite ways: men anti-clockwise, women clockwise).  All turn round and march back to partner.
B2: Do-si-do partner; ALL LOOK LEFT and swing person on L diagonal who becomes new partner.

Novices find it hard to remember to turn left in B1 - explain very carefully.

Callers' Choice 1

Music:  32 bar marches
Thumbnail:  Lead, chassé, counter-march, do-si-do, swing.