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Beaux of Albany

Formation: Longways, triple minor proper, American contra.
Difficulty:  3
Style:  American

A1: 1s and 2s balance and swing with partner.
A2: 1s and 2s follow each other down the centre; each turns as a couple and come back home.  1s cast to second place (progression).
B1: Top two couples, right hand star; left hand star.
B2: Bottom two couples right and left through.

The inactive couples are alternately 2s and 3s.  A 2nd couple arriving at the top waits out 2 turns before coming in as 1s; at the bottom, a 1st couple finding itself with only one other couple to dance with should either dance with a ghost couple in 3rd place, to get the progression, or else simply change places with that one couple.

Colin says   On the Progressions page is an explanation of the triple-minor progression.

Music:  32-bar reels
Thumbnail:  Triple minor.  Balance and swing, down and up, stars, rights and lefts.