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Belfast Duck

Author:  Douglas Kennedy - CDM2
Formation: Longways, duple proper.
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A: Circle left in fours, 8 steps; circle right.
B: Take inside hands and lead down room 2 slow walking steps (start on the outside foot); take both hands and do 2 chassés (sidesteps) down.  Ditto up the room.  Ditto down the room.  Ditto up the room with 1s making an arch and moving up, 2s passing under.  (That's the 'duck', I presume.)
Summary of B -
down 2, chassé 2, up 2, chassé 2.
down 2, chassé 2, ones arch and twos go under.

Vigorous if step-hop; gentle if slow walk or saunter.
There's a tendency for the whole set to move down the room.

Music:  hornpipes
Thumbnail:  Circles, then lead and chassé down, ditto up, ditto down, duck through arch.