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Untitled Square

Formation: Square
Difficulty:  3
Style:  English

A1: 1s and 2s, do-si-do (8 steps); 1s and 3s, half rights-and-lefts (8 steps).  (Head couples have now exchanged places.)
A2: 1s (now in 3rd place) and 4s, do-si-do; 1s and 3s, half rights-and-lefts.  (All now home.)  All stand shoulder-to-shoulder with partner and start a series of rolling moves.
B1: Women cast round their partner by rolling round their left shoulder, going behind their partner, and finishing in the place just vacated by another woman (4 steps), then men cast round likewise to their left (4 steps); women do it again; men do it again.
B2: Give right hand to partner to start a half grand chain; on meeting partner, promenade to home position.

Collected at a barn dance; never heard the name.

Music:  hornpipes or rants
Thumbnail:  1s do-si-do and right-&-left round the set, then women and men alternately roll to left; promenade.