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Balance the Star

Author:  McLain family, Berea College
Formation: Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  1
Style:  American

A1: Form a right- star but don't go round, balance in and out twice.  Right-hand star once around.
A2: Ditto with left hands.
B1: Do-s- do opposite.  Turn your back on your partner and promenade opposite (men turning to your left and not going anywhere) to end with women in partner's place.
B2: Do-si-do partner.  Turn your back on the opposite couple and men promenade partner back to place and then move on to the next couple, men passing left shoulder.

Music:  32 bar rags such as Peacock Rag and Beaumont Rag
Thumbnail:  In RH star formation balance in and out, then star; ditto LH.  With opposite, do-si-do and promenade; ditto with partner.