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Barley Reel

Author:  "Swing Partners", 1964
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples
Difficulty:  2
Style:  Scottish

A1: Lines forward and back.  Men arch, all cross over.
A2: Lines forward and back.  Ladies arch, all cross over.
B1/2: Top couple strip the willow, and make a two-hand arch at the bottom.
C1: New top couple cast, the others follow, and lead up through the arch to these places.
C2: All swing.

Colin says   This is "Barley Bree" from RSCDS book 13 (1945) with C2 added to lengthen it from 40 bars to 48 bars.  The link shows you Scottish dancers doing it their correct way, but I think the English way is more fun!  And the band would probably prefer 48-bar tunes.

Music:  4 x 48 bar reels
Thumbnail:  Lines, arch and cross, strip the willow, cast, swing.